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Camping at Lake Murray, OK

This weekend we had a guys-only campout at Lake Murray, Oklahoma. Taylor decided a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to do this before school started back up for him (which will be Thursday, Aug. 15).

Taylor was very organized and made the arrangements with his uncles and cousins. It’s the first time he’s stepped up and taken the initiative to arrange a social outing with the family. I’m proud of him — he did well.

We headed up to Oklahoma Friday afternoon and met up Uncle J, cousins Riley, Connor and Landry, Uncle Chris and cousin Cleary. Everybody was excited to have a weekend together and it was pretty special because it was 3 year old Cleary’s first campout!

The weather was hot but beautiful when we arrived in the afternoon and set up camp. However, within an hour or so after camp was set, a strong thunderstorm rolled in and we were faced with a serious downpour!

It rained steadily for over an hour. J and his boys suffered the worst effects with their tent getting completely flooded. All of their sleeping bags and most of their clothing was soaked. Chris and Cleary fared well and only had minor water leakage into their tent.

Taylor and I fared well until near the end. We realized that water was literally streaming underneath our tent! It held out for a long time but eventually the water began seeping through and we ended up with our floor covering soaked and had a few puddles to deal with. Fortunately, we were camping on cots so our sleeping bags and everything we had picked up off the floor stayed perfectly dry.

The weather following the storm was very pleasant and the sky cleared up beautifully. There was a nice easy breeze, so the humidity was not bad and temperature was pleasant for the evening. All our stuff would dry out quickly.

Saturday morning was sunny and breezy. Uncle Chris made pancakes and sausages for the group and we had a tasty, filling breakfast! By the afternoon it was getting very warm.

Uncle Z joined us around mid-day to camp with us for the night. Once he had pitched his tent and settled in, he treated us all with “pita pizzas” made in foil packs on the campfire for lunch. Super tasty!

In the afternoon, Uncle J and Uncle Z gathered up the older boys and trekked off to check out Tucker Tower on the other side of the lake. Uncle Chris, Cleary and I stayed around camp and had a nice long swim in the lake. Cleary loves swimming and hardly ever wanted to be out of the water.

In the evening we had a feast of a cookout! As usual, we all brought more food than necessary and we all love to cook. So we made a green chili stew with sausage, grilled venison sausage with peppers and onions, fajitas, steaks, baked potatoes, grilled corn and Uncle J’s “Arkansas Traveller” dessert. Nobody hit his bunk hungry that night!

Sunday morning came early as geese honked their way across the lake. Uncle Chris and I made coffee and started getting the cooking gear ready for Taylor to make pancakes and sausage for the group. (Each family had chosen a breakfast or lunch to make for the group.) He did a very good job showing off the camp cooking skills he learned at Boy Scout camp this summer.

After breakfast it was time to break camp. We all took down our tents and started packing all of our gear away. Everything was really dirty from the heavy rain the morning before. It took longer than usual to pack away and we washed the mud off of a few things in the lake water. By 10:30 we were all packed up, had the camp site cleaned and cleared of our trash and were ready to head back home.

It was a great trip out with the guys! We are looking forward to the next time.

Here is a gallery with a few photos from the weekend…

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